Audio + Visual Essentials [Ages 13-24]

Monday-Friday, 3-6pm with James and Lisa

Take a deeper dive to develop and complete your media projects with the help of our instructors. These labs offer you facilitated access to the tools and expertise you need to make your songs and videos great. Check out some of Street Level’s learning areas below, and if you’re ready to dive in, stop on by (weekdays 2-7pm, or at one of our Happenings) or call 773.862.5331 to get started.

What Happened Was: Your Story, You Tell It

At the heart of every outstanding film and at the core of every successful music video is a clear, descriptive, and concise story. Join us and learn how to make your stories come to life on the screen by following your narrative’s arc from short stories to script, and finally, a storyboard that allows you to plan your own movie or pitch your idea to production companies.

Pen, Pad & Patience: Essential Elements of Songwriting & Recording

Write and record the first hit single for your demo. Your recording career starts here by examining the art of songwriting and learning the basics of Pro Tools. Plus, join our Listening Room sessions and learn how to critically examine the aesthetic and importance of sound, content, hooks, and lyrics presented in a variety of works through both video and audio.

Channel You, YouTube 101: Basic Video Production for YouTube Videos

In recent years YouTube has been used as an open forum for discussion, entertainment, and creativity. In this workshop we will cover the basic foundations of video production in order to help you create your own video, including how to set up and operate a camera, using a green screen, and basic video editing. Whether you plan to teach viewers how to make pancakes, or you want to review a video game, this class will teach you the fundamentals in making a quality video that can be shared through many digital platforms.

Word of Mouth: Podcasting

Podcasting is a powerful way of communicating your ideas and opinions. Discover how to successfully produce your own podcast by learning setup skills and equipment needs and gaining interviewing and audio editing techniques. This class digs into the range of podcast styles that are popular today.

Pitch Perfect Journalism: How To Write & Promote Your Work Online

Meet with professional journalists every week to pitch, craft, and publish your own stories from music reviews to your favorite foods. Master the art of interviewing cool artists and investigating important issues, and even learn to become an editor yourself. Choose the best articles, images, and media to be featured in our premier webzine blog, Mild Sauce – then start your own.

Workshop Wednesdays

Every Wednesday at 4pm, join us for hands-on workshops that offer insight into the basics of audio and video production, taught by Street Level alumni, staff, and guest professionals. Each Wednesday we explore topics including how to use a DSLR Camera, basic music mixing, microphone techniques, and more!