Street Level programs are for youth ages 13-24. If you are younger than 13 or older than 24, please contact Matt Woods at or 773-862-5331 for more information on how you can get involved!

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At the heart of every outstanding film and at the core of every successful music video is a clear, descriptive, and concise story. Join us and learn how to make your stories come to life on the screen by following your narrative’s arc from short stories to script, and finally, a storyboard that allows you to plan your own movie or pitch your idea to production companies.

Get your recording career moving by examining the art of songwriting, one of the most important elements of creating a hit. Weekly “Listening Room” sessions will take place every Tuesday. Learn how to critically examine the aesthetic and importance of sound, content, hooks, and lyrics presented in a variety of works through both video and audio.

Ever wonder how movie producers put heroes on alien planets, make people glow, or shoot out energy balls? Learn state-of-the-art video technology with green screens. Join us and learn about the full process of compositing for film and video. Then show yourself anywhere in the world on Instagram or YouTube.

Podcasting is a powerful way of communicating your ideas and opinions. Discover how to successfully produce your own podcast by learning setup skills and equipment needs and gaining interviewing and audio editing techniques. This class digs into the range of podcast styles that are popular today.

Do you want to learn to write and publish your own content, and be able to reach large audiences on social media? Connect with professional writers, journalists, and editors who will share their expertise in this casual workshop-style series. Topics are covered based on your interests, and include sharpening your voice and style, pitching stories, fact-checking, interviewing, basic HTML and WordPress, and others. Once you complete this series you can apply to join the youth-led Street Level Editor’s Club, which curates and builds content for the webzine Mild Sauce (

Every Wednesday join us for hands-on workshops that offer insight into the basics of audio and video production, taught by Street Level alumni, staff, and guest professionals. Each Wednesday we explore topics including how to use a DSLR Camera, basic music mixing, microphone techniques, and more!

Check out our website for the latest offerings of these special workshops.

Clubs at Street Level are for and by youth who want to share their interests and talents in a safe and supportive setting. Check out our website for club details or stop by on Monday afternoons to see how you can get involved.

Anime Club

Editor’s Club & Mild Sauce

Gaming & Computer Club


Cyphers are daily conversations on topics that matter, where you can make your voice heard and hear the different perspectives of others. Stay after on Fridays at 4pm, when the hottest topic of the week will be explored through a special Cypher Podcast.

Take a deeper dive with your instructors to develop and complete your media projects. These labs offer you facilitated access to the tools and expertise you need to make your songs and videos great. Regular attendance in classes and workshops is highly encouraged to get the best results.

If you have any questions regarding class registration or require assistance before completing the registration form, please contact Street Level at (773) 862-5331. Thank you.

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